Dynamic Web Sites

Updating Content

Many web sites require some dynamic content that will change on a day to day or hour to hour basis. For instance product lists or news items. Some sites are written purely using static HTML and the company will need to manually edit the HTML and upload it to reflect changes. This is a clunky approach and only workable for very limited changes.

A dynamic site can have it's content loaded from an online data source of some variety. The process of updating what content is displayed on site can be made very simple and flexible for the company. There are a number of ways in which this can be managed. A site could have a secure administration section where authorized users can login and make content adjustments - the data would be stored in an online database. Alternatively, content can be managed from a database in the company office and on the click of a button, the website updated to reflect the required state.

The site below is an example of how we implemented a dynamic website for an online gallery.

flying colours gallery - Contemporary Art Gallery

Flying Colours Gallery is based in Chelsea in London and has been showing some of the finest contemporary art for over twenty years. We developed a dynamic website for them where the artists, paintings, exhibitions & news items that are displayed on the site can be controlled by the gallery through a secure online administration portal.

The website was written using ASP.NET, XHTML & CSS and the dynamic data is loaded from an SQL Server database.

Booking/Reservation Systems

If you accept reservations for hotel rooms, an apartment, theatre tickets, use of a hall or even a yacht then you could benefit from using our online booking system. We can integrate with your current web site or help you develop a website from the ground up to provide an online booking system.

Features of the system are:-

  • Customers can view the availability of the apartment/hall/yacht
  • Customers can proceed to fill in their details to make an online booking
  • The system hooks up to PayPal to collect the customers payment for the booking
  • The system only commits the booking whenever PayPal confirms the customer's payment - the system automatically updates to prevent multiple bookings for the same date.
  • A secure administration section is provided for you to administer bookings - delete bookings/add manual bookings/modify bookings

The site below is an example of our booking system in action.

Lancefield Quay - Luxury Apartment Booking System

The glasgowservicedapartments.co.uk site was developed in order to provide an online booking system for a luxury apartment in Glasgow. It is possible to view the dates on which the apartment is currently reserved and the system will block multiple bookings. The system is hooked to PayPal for the customer to pay for a booking. The database is only updated to commit the booking when the payment confirmation is received from PayPal.

The website was written using ASP.NET, XHTML, CSS and an Access database. The owner has access to a secure administration section where bookings can be viewed, edited and deleted.

Recruitment Agency Systems

We have also developed an automated system for use by online recruitment agencies. It provides the means for a recruiter to advertise jobs online. Staff members can control which jobs are available. If required, you can add separate logins for companies that use your services and then your customers can control the jobs that they advertise on your site.

Job seekers are able to browse your site and apply directly to you for jobs of interest.

The site below is an example of our recruitment agency system in action

Online-Recruit.net - Low Cost Recruitment Specialists

Online-Recruit.net provide an efficient, low cost recruitment service via the internet. Their site was complex as we have to provide 4 levels of access to it - a normal browser, a registered job seeker, a registered employer and staff members. The secure login system takes the user to the appropriate section of the site. Employers can register jobs that they wish to advertise, Job Seekers can register their CV, the casual browser can view and apply for advertised jobs and staff members have control over the whole system.

The website was written using ASP.NET, XHTML, CSS, the Microsoft Membership API and is powered by an SQL Server database.