We can create you a website to enable you to sell your products or accept bookings online. There are two approaches to accepting payment over the internet. You can either setup a Merchant Bank Account for your business or you can use an established online payment system such as PayPal to be an intermediary for the payment.

If you setup a Merchant Bank Account then your payment form can be hosted behind the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This means that all the data passed between the customer's browser and the web server is encrypted. This encrypted payment data can be passed to yourself. You would be given the means to decrypt the data and then process the payment as if the customer was standing in front of you.

Alternatively, using an online payment system such as PayPal means that you do not need a merchant bank account. We would hook up your site so that when the customer selected the products and proceeded to the checkout then we redirect into PayPal. The customer makes the payment and PayPal redirects back to your site and informs us that the payment has been successful. We would organise setting you up with PayPal - which is free. PayPal make their money by taking a small cut of every transaction they process.

We can implement a shopping basket for your site so that customers can browse your products and choose to add or remove from the basket as they see fit.

Merchant Account Systems

The site below is an example of how we implemented a bespoke shopping basket and purchasing system for an online gallery. Customers can purchase artwork directly through the website using a secure payments page that utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The encrypted payment information is sent to the gallery for processing through their merchant bank account.

scotlandart.com - Britain's Leading Online Art Gallery

scotlandart.com are one of Britain's most popular online art galleries. We developed a dynamic e-commerce website for them where the artists, paintings, exhibitions & testimonials that are displayed on the site can be controlled by the gallery on a minute to minute basis.

We created a database that the gallery run locally to maintain all facets of the website. They can then update the website with the click of a button. The website was written using ASP.NET, XML, XHTML & CSS.

Online Payment Systems

The site below is an example of how we implemented a system to accept booking payments for an apartment via the PayPal online payment system.

Lancefield Quay - Luxury Apartment Booking System

The glasgowservicedapartments.co.uk site was developed in order to provide an online booking system for a luxury apartment in Glasgow. It is possible to view the dates on which the apartment is currently reserved and the system will block multiple bookings. The system is hooked to PayPal for the customer to pay for a booking. The database is only updated to commit the booking when the payment confirmation is received from PayPal.

The website was written using ASP.NET, XHTML, CSS and an Access database. The owner has access to a secure administration section where bookings can be viewed, edited and deleted.